Sunday, July 27, 2008


Since when? Lately I found myself hardly to sleep at night. I dunno y. Yes, I'm tired and sleepy but I can't get sleep after 12am. What happen? I dunno.. I did worked in shift hours before, but I dont have any problem sleep on the next day. Or maybe Im thinking of sumtin...But what? I will figure out on this. I need to get enuff sleep because I need to get healthy everyday and I dont want to look OLD.. If dont get enuff sleep, ur "bestfriend" easily come out. Im talking about "Miss P". Then got eyebag some more.. Yeah la, keletihan kan...
This week keje pagi memang letih la..ishh..Kena OT some more..Tapi extra income kan, y not.
B tak jadi dtg this week. sHa sampai malas nk amik tau or nak fikir lagi. He must knows what's going on between us.
I watched Sex and the city last Friday..............Damnnnnnnnn good!! So sad and funny!! I cried when Big left Carrie in front of the library, the place they will get married!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm going to watch again tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow maybe..I like..I like..I like..the sense of style they brought in the movie.................................I love the belt..the dress....the SHOES for sure...Huh...
Shopping? Dunno what to buy. Apa ni, semua nya takde mood. Engaged dgn Lai Yee tadi. She's in Terengganu. So tunggu Aivy plak. Lama gila tak hang out dgn diorg..
Herm, Thina tak approve pun sHa nyer leave. Bagi ke tak ni p sane? la p..
Apa lagi nk update..keboringan ..jap lagi sure busy..
Blur!!! tadi kemain byk lagi nk blog.. Skang dah takde cerita plak .. Nanti dah ingat Sha continue la..
See ya..

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