Tuesday, June 26, 2018

::Mom depression is real::

I must said above statement is real. I am facing it. But, please seek advice from your close one. Ask helps from them. Share your problem and concern. Seek helps from ALLAH. Keep pray and pray. Mungkin dulu saya lupa ALLAH sentiasa ada untuk tolong. But trust me, ALLAH always there for you. Saya mungkin dulu senang, happy but now in difficulties. Tapi, advice from family members always help me. Pray and keep pray for ALLAH. Even lambat pun ALLAH will helps us when the time comes. HE IS THE BEST PLANNER. HE IS PREPARING SOMETHING GOOD AND NICE FOR YOU. BE PATIENT. Istighfar.

Sunday, January 7, 2018


1. Epidural? - No
2. Father in the room? - Yes for first 2 but 3rd one x sempat.
3. Induced? - No
4. Know the sex beforehand? - Yes
5. Due Date? - 21st April 2013, 15 Mar 2015 & 8 Sept 2017
6. Birth Date? - 15 April 2013, 13 Mar 2015 & 7 Sept 2017
7. Morning sickness? - Alhamdulillah, no for first 2 but mild for 3rd one
8. Cravings? - Western, Tomyam & Chinese Food
9. Kilos gained? - 12kg, 15kg & 9kg
10. Sex of the baby? - Girl, Boy & Boy
12. Place you gave birth-Hospital Serdang, KPMC Kajang, & Hospital Serdang
13. Hours in labor? - 3 hrs, 1 hr, & 20 minutes
14. Baby's weight? - 3.03kg, 3.3kg, & 3.4kg
15. Baby's Name? - Nur Rayhana, Izz Zaffran & Zayn Mateen

How about mother out there. Share yours. ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜˜

Wednesday, December 20, 2017


I really salute all SAHM out there. I really thought diorang sangat best stay at home, manage kids and go out whenever they want. Tapi  hakikatnya tidak ye, kawan-kawan. Being SAHM for 8 months, memang memenatkan. Dengan toddler yg sedang membesar mcm Zaffran, pregnant and ada new baby lagi. Adik beradik fight each other berebut toys, masak bila rajin, kemas rumah, send and pick up kakak at school. Penat. Memang penat. Bila ada baby lagi lah, breastfeeding few times in a day. Tp Alhamdulillah, Zayn Mateen so far senang jugak nak handle. Tak mcm Zaffran dulu. Sampai ramai org cakap, eh apran masuk balik dlm perut mak ko. Haha. Okay bunyi mcm complain plak since jd SAHM. Tp mmg rindu nak kerja. Ada me time, buat kerja mengadap laptop tak gerak. Ehehe.  If ada rezeki ada lah. Nak buat business from home pun, kene think carefully. Banyak benda kena decide.

Nak start kerja pulak, kena buat banyak benda. Kena train Zayn feeding from bottle. Kena cari nursery yang I boleh trust. Yang boleh jaga Zayn and Zaffran nanti. Zaffran makin lasak nowadays. Energy dia mcm tak ada full stop. Dia lain dari yang lain. At 2, cakap mcm age 4. Ayat dia susun cantik je. Ada je akal dia. Kalau dia rasa sunyi je rumah mesti dia cari something yg dia boleh jadikan activity dia like, conteng dinding rumah. Yes. Conteng dinding. Baru duduk rumah baru last March, bilik diorang dah ada mcm2 lukisan. Takpe lah. Malas nak stress. 

I miss my babes. Lyanne, Lai Yee and Aivy. I miss my gossip babe, Liza. Rindu zaman study dulu. Buat apa2 tak pikir problem pun. Relax je create problem. :D

Sunday, December 3, 2017

::The birth of my Prince Mateen & Pengalaman bersalin di Hospital Serdang for 2nd time::

So, I promised to blog about him last 2 months. Tapi since ada 3 kids nih, kelam kabut jadinya. Memang takda masa to open laptop. Long entry k.

Why I chose Zayn Mateen. Since dulu lagi suka dengar nama Zayn Malik. A guy from 1D tuh. Even im not a fan pon, tp nama dia sedap disebut. I suka Zayn and my husband suka nama Malique. Mati2 we all nak letak nama Malique. Tp bila pikir cam retis sangat even ada makna. There u go, in IG ada my Igers friend nama anak dia Matyn. Sedap je dgr. Then the viral Prince  Mateen. So I google the meaning of Mateen. Means kekuatan. Okay, mcm okay sangat. So terus lock.

Zayn Mateen was born on 7th Sept  2017. Malam plak tuh. lagi 1.40 minutes nak masuk due date dia betul, 8/9/2017. Plus, first time experience bersalin malam. Rupanya sama je busy kat hospital tu mcm bersalin siang. I was worried, sbb takda tanda langsung nak bersalin masa 6th sept. Sbb Izz lahir pun 2 days before due. Takkan lah mamat ni pun lambat. On 7th husband decided pick up my kids dkt Johor. Memandangkan I takde tanda bersalin. Hence, my in law dah tak boleh tolong jaga sebab school dah start and my BIL dah nak balik UTM. So I agreed lah suruh hubs amik. My sis kata boleh tgk kejap since dia can work from home for few days.

On 7th morning, husband I dah balik Johor and I so rajin pergi keluarkan baby cot, and kemas bilik belakang. Menyapu satu rumah lagi. Then call pizza antar lunch. At 1pm tgh tgk tv, rasa cam period pain. Consistent period pain. Means contraction lah tuh. Mild contraction. Track guna phone mmg consistent. At 2pm Makin kuat. Tp before that I call husband cakap contraction dah ada, and he said he is on the way from Johor. He called my sister skali minta tolong I. So I call my sister jugak ckp contraction dah ada, she will sampai at 3pm. Between 3-3.45pm tu, lepak kejap kat rumah my mom. Kiranya dah kuat lah contraction time tu and terus pergi hospital Serdang.

4pm reached there. Tp nurse kat counter nak tolak pergi Hospital Kajang or Putrajaya sebab ada 20 patient tunggu katil dlm PAC. 20 patients tu tak semestinya nak bersalin tau. Ada yg belum due tp I ketuban dah leak, ada yg rasa sakit, ada yg dah ada show. Ada yg panik sebab tak rasa pergerakan baby. But we decided sanggup nak stay sebab I dah sakit sangat even can tahan lagi. 4pm sampai and register, almost 6pm baru panggil masuk dalam utk check BP and VE. Tp before that at 5pm husband sampai hospital with kids. Rindu sangat sbb 2 weeks tak jumpa and makin besar plak diorang. Sempat jumpa diorang before deliver baby. My sis brought them home and jaga for a while sementara husband stay at hospital tunggu i. 

So I met Dr Fatin and her boss, Dr lelaki okey. I can't remember his face tp very polite. First time I kene entertain dgn Dr lelaki. Her boss buat scan and found out air ketuban dah kurang. Tp serious mmg tak rasa masa bila leak. Then masa nak buat VE Dr Fat so nice and suggest me to talk to her boss yang biar dia yg buat VE. Pheww, dia bagi. So Dr Fatin yg buat VE. 5cm it is. Dia kata muka relax je, tak sakit ke? Sakit weh. So I tunggu dkt PAC first, makan and keluar masuk jumpa husband. Sebab time tu mmg dah sakit.  Tak boleh nk duduk diam. If duduk dkt PAC pun bukan borak. Tgk handphone. Nak join org borak pun no mood. Dlm kul 8 lebih Dr Fatin panggil lagi. VE again still 5cm. I still pakai baju biasa k. 4cm above patutnya dah kena tukar baju sepital. Doctor lupa, I pun lupa. Keluar kejap jumpa husband. Then masuk balik. Duduk balik dekat PAC. Ladies2 yg duduk kat situ relax je borak2. Takde yg tahan sakit mcm I and org sebelah. Then sempat borak sepatah dua dgn budak2 depan I. Diorang tanya, sakit sangat ke? I cakap , a'ah. Diorang tanya dh bp cm. I ckp 5cm tadi. Diorang terkejut. eh kenapa tak tukar baju sepital lagi? Br teringat. Aa'h eh. I tak pikir baju dah, pikir sakit je nih. Then I bangun. Dlm 9.45cm mcm tuh. I pg jumpa Dr Fatin. I ckp kt dia, Doc I tak yah tukar baju sepital ke? Then dia gelak. YaAllah, saya lupa. Kejap2. Dia terus amik baju for me. Then I request another VE sbb sakit makin kerap. Tp air ketuban tak pecah lagi. Doc terus buat VE dulu then baru I salin baju. Doc check dah 6cm. Dia announce kat Dr lagi satu. agaknya suruh standby kot dah masuk active labor stage. Lepas salin baju, i nampak org sebelah I dtg ckp sakit dah kuat. Tup2 dia dah kena bawa masuk labor room terus. Dr Fatin suruh duduk atas katil terus tak leh pg mana dah. WA husband ckp sakit and minta maaf. I suruh dia jaga budak2 baik2. Ishh, mcm2 pikir. Husband boleh masuk bila wife dah masuk labor room. Masa kat PAC kena tunggu kat luar. Then around 10pm Dr perempuan lain datang, nak pecahkan air ketuban. 5 mins lepas air ketuban pecah, I panggil nurse I cakap mcm nak teran sangat. Kelakarnya, I beg to nurse ckp I serious ni nurse, nak push ni. Nurse tu pun melayan, saya pun serious la nih sambil tolak katil masuk labor. Dr Fatin nampak I kena tolak dah, siap cakap chaiyok. Mmg sporting dia. 

Setiap kali nak push, sakit time tu lah yg unbearable. Allah je yang tahu. Cakap dgn husband pun, even dia reply ya B tau sakit sangat, bukannya dia tau pun sebenarnya. :P Sampai depan pintu labor room, kene tunggu kejap sebab org kat dlm br settle kemas. Depan pintu tu masa tgh mengiring dah rasa mcm kepala baby dah keluar skit. Tarik nafas dalam2 and hembus slow2 pun tak membantu lah kiranya. Masuk bilik, GP dah prepare. Kene pindah katil. This time, kaki tak payah letak atas paddle mcm basikal tuh.. ahahha. Dulu masa delivered first and second baby dua2 kaki kene letak kat situ. Rasanya GP dah tau baby ni skali push je leh kuar sbb kepala dah nampak. First push tak lepas sbb nafas pendek, mcm tak prepare sbb tiba2 GP kata push now tp contraction masa tu baru abis. Datang je 2nd contraction tu masa pandang perut nampak kepala baby. Pandang perut tarik nafas dalam2 terus push. Alhamdulillah, keluar dengan jayanya. Alhamdulillah, senang sangat. Sebab masa active labor tuh, lepas pecah ketuban, 15-20mins je kena tahan sakit. Baby keluar je, sakit hilang. Phew. Ajaib sangat kuasa Allah. Tau tak masa ni, nurses tak sempat panggil husband. Sebab masa tu mmg dah kelam kabut nak bersalin. Sebab kepala baby dah keluar. Husband punya lah setia tunggu kat luar ingat dpt teman bersalin. Masa ni pikir, husband takde pun takpe. Kang ada kena cubit, kena pukul kena marah. ahahhaa. I yg dosa. :P GP I ni, muka serious tapi baik hati woo. Dia kata kalau I tak teran depan pintu tadi takde koyak pun. Ahahah. Ni skit je. Time tu pikir, sakit jahit, sakit kena seluk for VE or sakit kena seluk nak keluarkan plasenta pun tak sesakit masa contraction tu okay. 

There you are my Zayn Mateen, keluar je dari perut GP terus letak atas badan for bonding moment. So senyap. Cry skit2. Jari panjang2 mcm abah dia. Sementara nak tunggu abah dia masuk, I terus azan and iqamat kan dulu. Baca ayat kursi and zikir banyak2. Takut benda2 tak elok kat hospital. Lepas GP keluarkan plasenta husband baru masuk. Dia ingat I tak bersalin lagi. Surprised. Mmg dia terkejut dah bersalin. And yes, I so energetic lepas bersalin. Baby lepas mandi, baru husband azan and iqamat kan dia.

I told you earlier that registration counter kata takde bilik kan. But don't worry, sapa dah delivered mmg akan ada bilik. Takkan lah takde kan. So malas tuh we moved from labor room 14 to labor room 6. Ada few labor room diorang jadikan, bilik lepas bersalin since katil kat ward atas full lagi. Bilik dia lagi okay. Mcm Double bedded dkt private hospital. Toilet dia besar and cantik. Tp aircond terlalu kuat. I dah lah tak tahan sejuk. Neigbour I adalah girl yang sama sakit dgn I dkt PAC tadi. Baby dia lahir at 10pm, I 10.20pm. Tgh malam tu around 3am. Kami berdua surrender jugak kena check dgn Dr lelaki. Dr datang nak check jahitan and nak check if ada darah beku. Terpaksa k. I dok pikir ni Doc pompuan, ni doc pompuan. Hahaha. 

So I stayed at hospital 3 days and 2 nights. On 2nd day, tu pun petang sangat baru dpt naik ward. Ingatkan duduk dkt labor room tuh boleh balik on 2nd day. Sebab masa Ray and Izz dok hospital 2 hr semalam je if takde apa2 complication. Ni Dr cakap kena naik ward je and stay sehari baru can balik. Try request 1st class, memanjang tak dpt, penuh.  2nd class kena que. Sepanjang stay dkt labor room 6 and ward kat atas for 2nd class, semua okay. Cuma ada 1 night tu, I mmg pissed off with 1 nurse. Dh la smlm tak tido. Look young. I baru je letak Zayn dlm cot sbb dah lama bf. Then dia berbunyi skit. Bukan cry ok. Dia merengek skit. Dia dtg ckp, Puan maybe dia minum susu. I ckp, I br je bf dia. Tp I angkat jugak peluk and bf again, tp dia xnak. So I letak balik. Dia leh sound cakap. Puan, susukan dia. I look at her and I said, yes I know what am I doing. Bukan skali ni I br dpt baby kan.  My baby memanjang minum, Plus nipple crack pulak. Di tambah lagi pulak bila BF, rahim berdenyut. Sakit. I guess nurse tu still tak paham2. Hampir mengamuk, but memang dah tak larat. tak tidur since delivered Mateen. Mcm sejenis perasaan takut je nak tidur bila lepas delivered kena jaga baby sendiri. Sama mcm Rayhana dulu. Zaffran senang skit, sebab masa tu try delivered kat private hospital and dia duduk kat nursery. Nurse yang banyak tolong.

Next day tuh mmg pray banyak2 dapat balik. At 10am Doc datang cakap nak check baby. Skali check jaundice and bagi another injection. Rasanya BCG. Then Doktor pakar and pelatih round. Cakap boleh balik if baby takda jaundice and jahitan baik. Pray hard masa ni. Even ward okay tapi tak sama dengan rumah kan. Doctor datang cakap baby boleh balik. Tak nampak jaundice bawa lampu purple tuh. Plus doctor pun dah stop kan nurse amik darah dia every 4 hours since dia lahir sebab I ada GDM. Last Doctor performed VE sebaik nurse. Check jahita. All ok. Oh ya, nurse accidentally left my file atas meja bed I, skali check diorang mark as high risk patient. Mak oi, I do believe sebab age. Reason diorang list, anemia, GDM, previous history like miscarriage, nose bleed.

Nak tau berapa overall? Rm225 for 3 days 2 nights. Worth sangat. Cuma sapa yg tak suka manage the pain depan org ramai tuh, tak sesuai lah pilih gov hospital. Sapa yg tak banyak songeh, maybe okay. Cuma tak dapat bilik sorang la utk husband teman skali lepas delivered.

So overall, again pengalaman bersalin kat Hospital Serdang kali ni okay lagi. Excellent. Nurse and Doc sporting. Cuma ada certain yg mcm berlagak tu buat tak tau dgn dia sudah. 

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

::Oh hey, it's been a while lah, gang!::

So I have 2 stories to update rasanya. So far 2 lah, the most important thing jadi to me k. 

Firstly, Alhamdulillah, I just gave birth to my handsome lil man named Zayn Mateen on 7th September 2017. This time, bersalin dekat Hospital Serdang balik. 

Second, my current status as Stay at Home Mom. Waaaaa, SAHM gitew. 

I'll update about those tomorrow, inshaAllah. Oh ya, feel like to blog again even tak lah berapa ramai reader. Ahaks. Cuma few things, i suka share. 

Stay tune.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

::Expect Unexpected::

Just turns 10 weeks but my baby bump started to show.
This is something that I can expect to ve happen to me at this moment. Allah Maha Besar. Almost 2 months after my surgery I just got to know Im pregnant again. This would be my 4th pregnancy but I hope everything will be okay. I just notice it on my 7 weeks. Symptom lain sgt. Suddenly I keep nak pee and nausea yg teruk.
I thought my chance to get pregnant again low. Sbb masa my last surgery on Dec, Doctor yg perform scan dkt perut I nak check gallstone n gallblader tuh ckp my uterus berlipat. Plus since Oct period mmg lambat n x betul. So bila.period dtg lmbt, I tot sbb hormon. Turn out bila test terus positive line naik. Terang. Normally before this test nampak samar je. Masa MC, Ray and even Izz.
Maybe this time rezeki I dkt sini mungkin bukan benda lain. Hope Allah murahkan rezeki family. Thanks Allah.