Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Anyone following this series? Ha, dia punya fenomena mcm addicted tgk citer Grey's Anatomy (which is I can't wait to watch season 6), Ghost Whisperer (I'm waiting for season 5) & CSI (Season 9 finished already. Season 10 will be back without Grissom). That's what I'm thinking about Ghost. I've been following this series since last year, for season 1 lah. Can't wait to watch season 2 episode 10, Zack Imran is back!!

Check out info about Ghost!

Ghost is a Malaysian supernatural mystery thriller television drama series produced by Popiah Pictures.

Season One tells of Eza (Cheryl Samad), a witty journalist endeavouring to solve the mystery surrounding the death of her favourite film star, Zack Imran (Nazrudin Rahman). When Eza meets Zack leaving a hotel, lost and disoriented, her excitement soon turns to fear and confusion as she later discovers that Zack had earlier died, purportedly in a car accident. Realising that only she can see Zack's soul, she sets out with Zack's help to investigate his death. Over time, a bond between the living and the dead materialises.

In Season Two, Eza meets the ghost of a troubled teenager named Harum (Isma Hanum) while investigating the disappearance of Alicia Soo (Melissa Campbell), the socialite daughter of prominent attorney Edmund Soo (Colin Kirton). Edmund enlists the help of a psychic private investigator named Alam (Anding Indrawani) to trace Alicia. Meanwhile, a serial killer begins sending Eza photos of his murder victims, and a link between the murders, Alicia's disappearance, Harum's death and Zack Imran begins to surface.

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Latest Episode: Episode 9. For those yg nak tgk previous season or episodes, just watch it kat YouTube (keywords: irienad, 8tvghost or mabeliana). Else, tgk kat 8tv every Sunday night.

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The Mrs-Bride said...

mcm suka gak cite nih eventho x follow sgt.. but i love cheryl & i think she's brilliant! hehehe.. nnt agak2 kalo ada copy of the series, sila inform yer! tengs... :D