Tuesday, December 21, 2010

::Mood malas lagi::

No mood to update blog. Malas betul. Malasnyer.. So many things to tell. Pasal masak lah, pasal annual dinner, @ Philea great place to escape, citer pasal kawin confirm org bosan. I tgk gambar pun bosan dah. Tapi still tak dapat all the pix from hubby's photog. New year just around the corner. What's ur plan? If all my babes coming back, bagus.I got plan for them.=D Owh, skang I addicted buat imovie pakai phone. Sebabnye, terlalu banyak pic yg I nak buat video. Mmg malas nk adap laptop. Owh, how's Liza? Her baby? Dah besar ke dlm perut? urgh..can't wait. Eh, aku lak yg excited. I will try to find 1 day to update this blog with story yg ntah apa2..:P I'm still thinking, whether want to sell or rent few wedding stuff. Mostly wed attire. But my white dress, sayang gileee.. I'm thinking to rent or sell:
  • Songket attire (groom & bride)
  • Veils (grey, white and turqoise)
  • Wedding shoes
Will update soon, k.. See ya...

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