Sunday, December 26, 2010

::Great escape to Philea Resort & Spa::

Okay.. terus terang saye tak pergi dengan hubby saye.. Tapi rugi lah dia tak ikut. Dia pun sepatutnye ada event weekend tuh. Tempat tu cantik. Baru 5 months old. Easy to go there. Bayar toll kat Ayer keroh, terus bagi signal and turn left. About 100 metres from toll lah. Tapi serious, tempat ni romantic jugak lah.  Food marvellous! Variety and tak sempat nak rasa semua.

I went there for company's Annual Dinner and Team Building on 11th Dec and 12th Dec. Tang team building tu saye skip. =p Sempat pergi Dataran Pahlawan cari barang. Erm, saye share few pix from my cam and Si Google.

 *Images from my cam & Si Google*
 Standing (from left): Anna; Oda, Nuha, Karen; Cathy (She won for the best dress)
2nd row (from left): Anna T; Juanita; Nirma; myself & Sally

 The dress I bought from Envee. Actually, it's toga dress. But hubby said wear something inside supaya lagi sopan..=D So i wear long sleeves inner from the same color and just add up some accessories like, necklace, bracelet, earring and ring. What I like about this dress is I look slim. Ahahah...This time, tak sempat karaoke. Sauna, sempat. Rasanye mcm tak puas explore this place. Hope I can come again with hubby.


TheVeryEry said...

salam..just bloghop here. nice blog! :)
btw, this place nampak cantik. never heard of it tho. new place kot eh..
thanks for mentioning..

redy said...

nice blog ,,this is my first time i visit your site...hope i'll get much about information on your site..regards