Wednesday, March 9, 2011

::Masak = Cook & Update=Kemaskini

Is it me or any 1 else out there felt threatened with all cuties from Junior Masterchef Au? Whoever following this series, what say u? G.E.M.P.A.K.. kan?

Okay, saye sangat setuju if ade org cakap blog ni mcm terbiar mcm tuh je. Serious dem busy working in UK hours.  Balik sure mengantuk kannnn.. Once married, banyak benda kene buat rupanye. Heee.. + keje lagi. Sometimes mcm tak cukup masa nak buat this and that.

My brother getting married, insyaAllah this coming Friday. Wahhh.. sekejapnyer. Mostly orang tanya kenapa tak buat sekali sebab dekat2 kan? Ntah lah. Maybe, sebab I nak conquer event tu kot..:P Lpun diorg dah practice naik pelamin as they were my maid of honor and bestman on my wedding day. My bro in law just got married last week. Congrats to Angah & Y. Event was held at Kluang, Jhr.

(Pictures credit to: Ayam Ehoza)
Dan kami semestinya menyibuk skali.. On their solemnization day!

Sources: Si Google
Bruno Mars coming to Malaysia, u ols. Sape nak tgk? Sape hafal lagu2 dia? Sape suka sore dia yg ala2 romantic tuh? Hah.. He will perform at PWTC this coming April 10th. Ticket available from 10th March onwards.

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I like above outfit. The pants, something we call, Harem. I got 1. It's from MNG but never wear it in front of public. uh beli je lebih. Interested with below outfit as well. With the leggings. It look pretty with boots. Owh ya, I saw Yuna in 1 of below outfit in magazine. Can't remember which 1, but looks pretty on her.

Sources: Si Google lagik

Cun, kan?
How's ur day, Gorgeous? 
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