Saturday, November 19, 2011

::Welcome to fabulous 30-ish.. hahaha..::

Officially 30 on last 16 Oct. Okay, fine. Old sudah. Celebrate bday with Lyannie , Clifford and then hubby. Clifford, thanks for the brownies..ahaha.. I'm so impressed! Thanks for your time babe Lyanne. Husband, thanks for everything! Love you..:P

Okay, tak boleh tunggu BD Part 1 kat cinema. OST ada Bruno and Christina Perri. The Noisette pun ade. But It will rain and A thousand years antara the best lah. US cinema on 18th Nov. Malaysia cinema on 24th Nov. Premiere on 23rd Nov. More info: Movie ticket + goodies bag at RM60.

Okay, nak share few lagu best. Go download these songs okay:

Nadhira feat Ron E Jones - Tears us apart
Christina Perri - A thousand years

Saya mcm kemalasan nak update blog lagi. Busy bangat dong.. Harus mengundur diri.. This blog will be updated with style I've created from Polyvore. It's fun! See ya next time, luv!! 

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