Thursday, November 8, 2012

::Pregnant In Heels::

Turn out this is one of the series aired in US. Gonna download this series. Almaklumlah, baru installed UNIFI. :p Easy for me to prepare office report, more focus on my part time business (Mengadap phone and laptop kat office mcm leceh), owh ya, boleh request work from home. In case la, kalau tak larat nk jalan nnti. :)

Back to the title, I like to see Kourtney and Victoria pregnancy style. How gorgeous they are? Lets picas do the talking. ;)

 Kan? Told ya.

So today, I saja wearing my DP 4 inches heels to the office today. Mengada...

Okay, thinking to get new haircut. Current hair pun dah panjang, rimas pun ada. Pening kepala sometimes bila tie up. So I found 2 new hair style yang macam okay. For sure look gorgeous for these both artist, I think it suitable for round face lady like me jugak. ;p

 Yay? or Nay?

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