Tuesday, February 14, 2017

::Expect Unexpected::

Just turns 10 weeks but my baby bump started to show.
This is something that I can expect to ve happen to me at this moment. Allah Maha Besar. Almost 2 months after my surgery I just got to know Im pregnant again. This would be my 4th pregnancy but I hope everything will be okay. I just notice it on my 7 weeks. Symptom lain sgt. Suddenly I keep nak pee and nausea yg teruk.
I thought my chance to get pregnant again low. Sbb masa my last surgery on Dec, Doctor yg perform scan dkt perut I nak check gallstone n gallblader tuh ckp my uterus berlipat. Plus since Oct period mmg lambat n x betul. So bila.period dtg lmbt, I tot sbb hormon. Turn out bila test terus positive line naik. Terang. Normally before this test nampak samar je. Masa MC, Ray and even Izz.
Maybe this time rezeki I dkt sini mungkin bukan benda lain. Hope Allah murahkan rezeki family. Thanks Allah.

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