Sunday, January 21, 2007

::Maal Hijrah 1428-Selamat Thn Baru::

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Dear blog..
Today is Maal Hijrah. Wish my life alright. Full with happiness. May ALLAH bless me always. And wish good things always come to me. Amin..
Erm.sometimes apa yg we all nak tak semestinya dapat. So keep looking n pray for it. This is a beginning. So use it wisely. Don't waste it.Life is too short to waste.
Erm, confirm lah Sha tukar ke Team 2. But it's for temporary. I thought permanent.Ishh..Tanya kenapa, En Fuad ckp diorg tak nak Sha tukar other Team. Erm.. He advise me to stay with Telekom. But I try my best to stay with them.
This coming 30th I got test with JPJ. Wish me luck. Dah ok pun. Cuma bila test ni ada JPJ kat sebelah tu yg jadi nervous.
Last week nyer pix masa meeting with my babes aivy dah send wearing green top..Ahahah..My 1st time ni pakai green color...but seems suit with me jugak this color..So check it out the pix in my fotopages:

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