Wednesday, December 31, 2008

::Twilight again?!!:: Haiz...

I'm addicted to this movie and books itself.. Just imagine I watched Twilight for 6th times. Gila kan.. I can finish the whole day read 1 book out of 4. Read again over and over again. For New Moon, I cried while reading this chapter when Edward had left Bella alone in Forks. In Eclipse, I hate Bella, she's so rude with Edward. Pity him. And how come she can gave her loves to Jacob. How come she can kissed Jacob or said "I love you" to him???? Don't u think Edward will hurt even though he didn't show it.
Emotional lah sHa ni. I'm going to finish last book, Breaking Dawn and will conclude semuanya nanti. Ahhhh..can't wait. This is the best movie and book I've ever watch or read.

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