Monday, January 5, 2009

::I'm done~Tapi....::

I'm not satisfied. Ha, dah habis?? Ala, nak baca lagi... Walaupun happy ending without any war or fight between vampires tapi rasa mcm nk baca lagi. Eury said we can find Twilight's voice book. Ahahaha...Ha, ok..ok..going to download it soon. Jeje just bought Twilight's DVD. Meaning...erm.. Tak salah rasanye tgk sampai 10kali. Ade org broke my records, watch it for 9th times. Me tgk baru 7 kali. Ishhh..kenapa tak boring?? There's rumours about 4th Book. They are not going to make it as a film.What?? No, cannot be. Sebab the best part is the gathering and we can see Bella how she use her power. Tak sangka plak vampire's life can be this interesting... The 3rd book best sebab Bella's name changed from Bella Swan to Bella Cullen. Sounds good. Movie tak boring, novel pun tak??? Dasyat.. Mmg worth it to buy these 2 stuffs..

Last Friday, I went to The Gardens to see my fellowship of the ring.. Aahahaha. Tak lah, went to see Liza n Aween. Rasanye this is the first time we hang out together. Normally ade Pak Pojie n Pak Ajonz. Owh..biasalah gossip, tips2 kecantikkan..Ahahah.. Here is some pix I snapped on that day.

Ok lah, ade benda nak update nanti. So stay tune...Ahahha...See ya..


Echo from Physco said...

U nie, boleh geng ngan my bf's sister... she is "worshiping" vampires like u do... hehe, never get enough of it!!!

:::sHa::: said...

huhu..u know me... I loveee vampires..bite me..bite me..ahahhah